Eufy Pan and Tilt volume and activity questions

I recently acquired that neat little camera, and am globally pleased with its performances.
I do have two questions for Eufy or other users.

I find the speaker volume on the camera pretty low (when you speak to someone in the room from your cell phone). I have it on 100% and it just hearable. What are other people experience, can you get the camera speaker to be loud?

Even if the Camera security mode is on Disarmed, the motion tracking of the camera is still running, so the camera keeps following people around when disarmed.
For Eufy, I think that if the Camera is on Disarmed, it should be OFF completely.


I had the same concern about the camera following everyone around when it is not recording. I brought It to eufy support and they gave me the standard answer that they’ll pass it to the development team. I want to keep it on because I view it over Alexa and that won’t work if it’s off, but if the camera stays on it follows my whole family around all day, which no one likes. I do like the motion tracking and recording at night. Should be able to schedule motion tracking or have it turn off when not recording.

Is that not a setting you can turn off? Like motion tracking?

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You can turn off motion tracking always for the camera, but you cannot turn it off for the disarmed security mode.
The point is that in disarmed security mode, the motion tracking should automatically and by definition be Off

Oh I see, yes seems like it should also be disarmed as well