Eufy one beep and return to base

My Robovac is about 8 months old. In the last month, it has started consistently leaving the base, traveling maybe 6 inches, beeping once, and then attempting to return to the base. If I turn it off and then back on by pressing the start button twice, it vacuums completely normally. I’ve cleaned everything, and it’s fully charged. I’m using manual start, not a program or the remote. Any ideas?

I had this issue on mine. It happened after a power outage and the other after the batteries in the controller got to low. Both times the clock and the scheduler were needing to be reset. After resetting everything it worked great.

There should be a power a toggle switch on the side of the vac. Flip that off and on. Replace the batteries if they are old. If not pull the batteries out for about 30 seconds. Reset everything and try again. These steps worked for me.

If cleaning the unit, removing debris from the brushes, and resetting the unit via remote and power buttons then you will want to contact @AnkerSupport at

They may not respond until until next Weekend since they have limited staff on the weekend.

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Thank you! I tried unplugging the battery as well as turning the power off and back on. Alas, didn’t fix it. It feels like it needs a reset.

I am having this issue as well with one of the two vacuums I have. I have tried turning off/on the switch that is on the machine. I tried moving it to a different open area because at first I thought that it was sensing objects too close and so returned. So far no luck. I will try try removing the batteries but it seemed like that didn’t help Sera_Lewis. Anyone have any other ideas?

@Sera_Lewis, we are sorry for the inconvenience the Robovac caused. Please be assured that we always stand behind our products and we are happy to assist you with an exchange if the problem turns out to be with it.

Does the Robovac have the red indicator when it beeps? Would you let us know whether the issue persists if you remove/take away the charging base after it leaving?

Also, would you charge the RoboVac directly with the charging adapter (without the charging base) for more than 5 hours and retry?

If no avail, could you please contact us at Once we confirmed the issue and your order detail, we will help you exchange or return it per your preference.

Thank you for your time and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

How do you charge directly? I’m having the same problem but don’t see where I can plug it in directly.

You should unplug the wall charger from the station by pulling out the plug at the back of it.
Then you have two parts the charger and the station.
So you can plug the wall charger directly to the robot.

BUT I cant find the fitting socket at the 11S.
May be it is possible to charge the robot this way regarding other models. :wink:

I too am having the same problem. Have tried to reset. Did not seem to matter. Leaves the base with a blue light. Travels about a foot. Beeps. Returns to base. Starts charging again with light now orange. Help!

Have you checked the capacity of the battery?
Have you checked the output of the charging station?

What happens when you turn off the base, so the robot can not find?