Eufy motion light

So again I find another product on Amazon but not mentioned on Anker or Eufy’s website. What’s up with that?

In my honest opinion there are far superior Motion Solar Lights on Amazon for a lot less than Eufy is offering that one. I don’t see them selling much of them at $20 atleast.

Probably takes awhile to design a webpage for every single product they make… or don’t bother at all.

If you like Eufy on Facebook and subscribe to their product and promotion information through email, like I do, then they will inform you of these things (there is also a Black Friday deal on that solar light).

That is the sale price. It used to be $25 and will probably return to that price soon.

I do and there is no mention of it anywhere except the Black Friday email

Yeah true. I’m not happy with it either. They haven’t even touched Eufy’s website since they created it, hardly.

And they have yet to offer any products after the whole Amazon reviews mess. At least inform your “Eufy Geniuses” if they will still even be needed to review for Eufy anymore. Who knows why they lag when it comes to informing us though. :confused:

they’re going to reboot the genius program I think. stay tuned

Apparently this got discontinued… I feel like they don’t even test half their products.