Eufy Lumos Smart Bulbs on iOS

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had or is using the Eufy Lumos Smart Bulbs while the Apple iOS ecosystem?

I’ve got Phillips Hue Bulbs and they work well with Siri and Home Kit but wondered if I started adding these how they would work and how I would control them.
Can I get Alexa on an iPhone? I have got a Kindle Fire HD too but don’t want to pick that up just to turn off a few lights.


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I havn’t had the chance to try the Eufy light bulbs, but I also have several Hue lights at home, and the smart lighting ecosystem is really great :slight_smile:

They link up the the EufyHome app :grinning: so don’t need Alexa. I can live with that. I’ve said before, I Love an App :joy:

Alexa is only available in the US if I remember correctly. Though I don’t know if Alexa has an iPhone app to enable it on your phone.

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I’ve spent too long looking into them to see if I could test it properly and it’s gone from my PowerUser page :zipper_mouth:

I have Alexa and I’m in Scotland.

I just looked on my power user page and this bulb is being sent to me without me even applying.

Can’t wait to try them especially as it’s getting dark so early now and it’ll be good as a timer, if it works that way.

Edit - Oh its vanished now. Must have been an error.

Arrrrr you got my bulb :scream: lol

I will keep an eye out for more :eyes:

Nope its gone now from my page so it must have been an error or something. :cry:

Too bad ! I will be receiving a full Philips Hue starter Pack in the next few days, part of a test I’m doing with Philips.

Arrrrr you lucky boy!! I’ve got the starter pack and a light strip. I love them.

I’m signed up to test for them but have only ever been offered an Iron :pensive:

Hahaha that’s funny xD
Actually my iron broke a few days ago, and believe me, it’s great to have a spare one, because right now my clothes look like %$£µ !

Must have been. Maybe that why mine disappeared too. They are available for £23 though. Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb

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