Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb-White (Review)

This review is for eufy Lumos Smart Bulb-White
Comes in a typical white Anker signature box (see the pictures of the box below). Inside there is the bulb itself and owner’s manual, a spec sheet for both Lumos White and also for Lumos Tunable White, and a happy/unhappy card.
Specs of the bulb:
Rated Input Voltage - AC 120V, 60 Hz
Power - 9 W
Input Current - 80 mA
Light Output - 800 Lumens
Lamp Base - E26
Color Temp - 2700K Warm White
LED Lifetime - >20,000 hours
FCC ID - 2AB7K-T1011
Dimenstions - 65 x 65 x 140 mm / 2.6 x 2.6 x 5.5 in
Weight - 195 g/ 0.43 lbs

Initial Setup:
Initial setup is a breeze. Before setup download EufyHome app (I use iPhone). Then put the bulb in socket turn ON (it blinks to know that it is ready for setup). Then use the EufyHome app for setup. It requires you to login and then input your home wifi password. Very easy to setup.
I accidentally put in wrong password for my wifi and it didn’t work the first time. To reset the wifi of the bulb just turn On/Off the bulb for 5 times and this resets the bulb for fresh pairing.
Bulb is absolutely normal to touch (not hot at all). Base of the bulb where all the hardware might be housed does gets warm.
Bulb is very easy to control after initial setup. Responds very well to the app and I absolutely love the convenience.
I’ll get some more of these and will make a network of them to work in tandem.
What else can I say…This is a smart bulb and it works very well :grin:

Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant Integration:
It works with Alexa and Google Assistant. I have tested it with Alexa and it works really well. Have not yet tested with Google Assistant. Will update this section after some more testing.


Great review and nice photos!! :ok_hand:


Good review & photos @kumar.sachin :slight_smile:

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Nice review and photos, thanks for sharing! :grin:

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Great review. Thank you

Great review and photos, thanks!

You mentioned Google Assistant and Alexa. So… No Siri? No Apple Home App either too, right?

Do you know if more than one phone can be used to control it?

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Nice review and pictures… thank you for sharing!

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No too sure about home app. Yes this can be shared with more than one person.

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Nice review and photos

Great review Thanks for Sharing happy to see more bulb reviews coming out. Personally I will get the tunable model because I like the option to change from Bright white for day time to Warm White at night or the color model. But if you prefer Warm White this light bulb is a steel

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Thanks for that, great review!