Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb White And Color

Box Contents

  • Bulb - little bigger than standard bulbs as the wifi is built into it, a lot heavier at 189 grams, double a standard bulb. Rated at 800 lumens so around 60W of brightness.
  • Instruction manual and safety instructions
  • Happy/Unhappy card

Setup with iPhone 6+ and Echo dot, I don’t have a Google assistant to test this on.

  • Using iPhone - Very straightforward, screw in the bulb, download the Eufyhome app, register (used registered Anker account info), enter WIFI info and a name for your device and voila set up pretty quickly.

  • Eufyhome app - Easy to use, Shows all the Eufy devices that are installed. All the controls are here to change the color settings of the white (from warm white to cool white), change the color to any of the 16 million + different colors. There is also a flow mode that when used will automatically change colors and a music mode which changes colors to the beat of the music, just like the Soundcare Flare. Other features are a On/off switch, brightness slider, option to set schedules, favorites setting that has 5 recommended color settings or you can setup your own, up to 30 different color/brighhtness settings. Another good feature is that multiple users can control lights, so if i’m not home, the rest of my family can control the lights with their phones.

  • Using Echo Dot - I set up a new device in the settings of the Amazon Alexa App which was already on my iPhone and again set up quickly for voice activation. You could also use the Alexa App and speak to your phone to control the bulb if their is no Echo close by. Voice controls work flawlessly on the Echo and on the App, i can turn off/on the lights, dim or brighten the light, change colors easily, from pink to red to green to aqua and so on.

This is my first foray into wifi bulbs and after using this, i think i will invest in a few white bulbs for the rooms that i use frequently as it is so convenient to turn the lights on and off paired with Alexa, (or as my wife says “You’re just LAZY!!!”). The only drawback is that the base of the bulb I find runs pretty hot. I’ve used it for as long as 4 hours and as short as 10 minutes and the temperature feels the same. Hopefully not a fire hazard. Couple of things that i like is that you do not need a smart wifi plug for this as the wifi is built in and that you can set up a group of the same type of Eufy bulbs to turn on/off simultaneously instead of separately. Also a neat feature on the Eufyhome app is that the device lightbulb icon in the app corresponds with the current color that the light is producing. Pics below. Good stuff…


Awesome review. Now, I want one :slight_smile: I haven’t gotten into the whole Smart Home craze so I think this would be a good start. Love the pics. Good job. One question though… you don’t actually need the Echo to use it right? Thanks.

No you don’t need the Echo to use this. It’s just for the convenience of “hands free” using voice commands. Using the EufyHome app for this works fine.

Excellent review & usage photos @Ben_Reilly thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

Love the photos, thanks for sharing

Wow! Thanks for sharing this thorough review and nice photos! :grin:

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Great review… I like the colorful photos!


Great review and nice photos! good job! :star_struck:

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Cool! I love these color changing bulbs. Such a cheaper alternative to the Philips Hue bulbs.

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Have the same bulb type and love it. The color is truely customizable

Does it have a full range of colors or just a specific number of colors to choose from?

I’m not big on the color. But it would fun to have a couple of these to mess with guests during our parties or just to set a little mood lighting.

As in different shades of each color

I’m going to at buying one for my bed room

I see that the colors are intense, can be customized and made softer?

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Great review and pics!

Here are 2 examples of a lighter red and darker red and where i picked the hue from the Eufyhome app.



Yup! And a dimming feature too

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Great review and photos

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I like it! Thank you! :blush: