Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb 2 - Tunable White REVIEW

I was lucky enough to get to review the eufy Lumos Smart Bulb 2 - Tunable White version. This thing is sweet!

My Video Review is Here!


  • Super Easy to Install and Set Up
  • Great Integration with Google/Alexa
  • High Quality Product
    *Schedule Feature is Great
    *Away Schedule Feature is Amazing!

-the night light feature is pretty cool too :smile:

My only very minor critique would be I wish that it supported a 5Ghz band as well as the 2.4Ghz band for my Home Network.



Nice video review :slight_smile:

Nice point that it needs to support 5GHz, should have been part of the improvements, but we may see it in the future, however not sure if there is a dependency on connectivity to Wifi from the Mesh routers, mesh usually supports both 2.4 as well as 5GHz

That is true, however the rest of my network is all 5Ghz. So it bumps one of the hubs down when I added this… in the future, I will upgrade.

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Nice review! You can’t tell how bright these get in a video so I’m just gonna ask this question instead of searching through Amazon, do these get as bright as one of those 60W LED bulbs?

Yes, sorry about that. The brightness was a bit off in the video because I was trying to capture what was on my phone screen at the same time.

Yes they do!

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Lol no problem. I know the cameras adjust to brightness themselves. Thanks for the answer. We use white 60W equivalent LED bulbs in our apartment so wanted to see if one of these smart bulbs would an option for us

yes this would be great! most of the time we have ours at like 50-75% so there is no glare on the TV. These are almost too bright!

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Nice overview review. I would have liked some photos…

I will watch the video later and tell you what I think!

Great video review!

Thanks! I typically stick to video so others that review it can take photos if they would like!

Thank you sir!

I just watched the video. It was good! I remember seeing your video for the anker USB-C to lightning cable :wink:

Hopefully they are getting better and not worse! :joy:

:man_shrugging:. I think I preferred the one for the cable, because touch were sitting at a table. It’s a just a preference though.

They were both excellent!

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Good work.
5Ghz is perfect.
Though many of us will stick to 2.4Ghz because the old hardware doesn’t support the new standard.

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Very good video review @heynickhere thanks for sharing!

Good job Nick @heynickhere

Ps. Unlike the others :arrow_up: I took the time to like your video :wink:

C’mon you lot. Support the Anker team and show this channel some love :thumbsup:

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Great video review buddy!

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great video review :ok_hand:

Nice review!

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