Eufy Lumos IFTTT Support

Hi, do you have any plans to add IFTTT support to the Eufy Lumos? Adding IFTTT support would give the bulb many more capabilities and would help it integrate better into a smart home setup.


I totally agree. I requested IFTTT support for RoboVacs over a year ago, and they have yet to add it…


I’m just getting into IFTTT and love it. I’ve got a couple smart plugs from another brand and they just added these IFTTT and its so much better than using an app to automate the smart plugs


Yeah, I asked on Twitter and they sent me here so I could try to rile up some support.


I’m looking for this same support. Would be very useful!


IFTTT support for lights is great. I am using it for smart plugs with lights attached, but I would like to be able to control the lights themselves, rather than the plug. Please add IFTTT support!


Please, please do something with IFTTT! You can do a lot of smooth things with triggers that you wouldn’t even think of. Thanks!


I bought a single lumos. I’ll buy more once ifttt support is added.

I really like my eufy lumos bulbs, but adding ifttt support would push them into love territory!

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I would love to see support for IFTTT. Seems like a no brainer for them to add this to the roadmap and prioritize. As it will increase loyalty and retention. Along with adding new users.

Part of the reason to get smart devices is so you can automate them. Having integration with Assistant and Alexa is great and all, but that by no means makes it “smart”. Like, when I leave home and my Nest marks me as away. To then have it turn the lights off. That’s smart, vs wanting to be lazy and cozy down for another episode with the lights, dimmed / off.

I had 6 Lumos bulbs. I liked them, I did not love them though.
That’s why I was looking into IFTTT just to figure out that there is no support.

I have just ordered my Philips Hue starter pack with three bulbs.
I’ll stick to them now.

Bump. Just bought a Lumos but disappointed to find no IFTTT support so I can’t have lights automatically turn on before my alarm or turn off when I leave the house. If this is added I will buy more; if not I will return and buy Phillips Hue.

I have two Eufy lumos bulbs, a couple TP Link Kasa bulbs, several SmartLife bulbs and a couple Sengled bulbs. Only the Eufy Lumos won’t work with IFTTT - needless to say, they are becoming more and more limited in my smart home and thus less and less useful. There is no way I’ll buy more Eufy smart home
products if they continue to refuse to add IFTTT compatibility to these bulbs. I’ve had to relegate these two bulbs to the least used areas because of the lack of integration. Getting ready to give them away or trash them soon since my wife and kids are finally seeing the advantages of IFTTT integration.