Eufy Lumos Color Light Bulb - Unveiled at IFA

One of the pictures posted on Eufy’s Facebook page showed off some of their new smart home tech. Included in the image was a new Lumos Smart Bulb, this time with color. We’re not talking about warm or cool whites, but all kinds of color. OK, maybe not ALL kinds of color, but have a look for yourself!

How practical do you think colored light bulbs are? Would you use them and do they excite you? Personally, I’m excited for their colored light strips, but not so much for light bulbs. Also, just a heads up, from the videos I’ve seen on YouTube, these smart light bulbs are quite a bit larger than your typical bulb.

I still think smart switches are they way to go if anything.



I agree with you. I am more excited for the light strips then bulbs…especially if the bulbs are bigger then your typical one.

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I’m excited that Eufy (Anker) is entering smart lighting market. Right now the Eufy smart bulbs are definitely not priced competitively at all, but I hope this will change as they have not been on the market for long. Phillips Hue (and other brands, Lifx, etc) have cheaper bulbs with longer market presence.

For me I I like the white and/or warm/cool white bulbs, the color bulbs are kind of novelty for me, the problem is color bulbs are so much more expensive, and to do anything cool with them you would need to upgrade a lot of bulbs and spend tonns of money. Color lightstrips on the other hand I like a lot and hope Eufy puts one out. I have smart lightstrips (phillips Hue) under my kitchen cabinets and they are awesome.

What I would really hope for is that Eufy will put out affordable White and/or warm/cool Smart BR 30 bulbs (the floodlight bulbs… as in usually found in kitchen ceiling).


So you think the bulbs are more practical than the switches?

I have 2 smart switches (phillips Hue Dimmer Switch) that are set to control specific sets of smart bulbs (e.g. 1 switch to control all lights for each room).

I think the smart switches are helpful complement to smart bulbs because smart bulbs require power to always be on to work (e.g. if someone flicks the regular wall switch off, you cannot then turn that smart bulb on with your app, voice, or smart switch.)

This is a big pain point for the adoption of smart bulbs, we’re all trained to just switch the regular light switch on/off. For that reason I feel that smart switches are important part of connected lighting right now.

Honestly I feel like voice control is a big next step for lighting. I have a few Alexa Devices (including Eufy Genie) and I tend to just skip the regular existing light switches, wall switches, and the smart switches, and mostly control my lights with voice control via Alexa and/or siri.


Do you know when the color bulbs and strips are going to be released?