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Hi all,

Check out my latest video review of the eufy lumos 2.0:

Here’s what I have to say about it:

LED Bulbs are the way to go

They are efficient, modern, durable, and cost-effective. Whether or not they are smart, an LED bulb is a good choice to make because it will save you money over the life of the bulb and reduce your power intake. Lumos 2.0 is an LED, so it’s starting out with a leg up to begin with.

Great App!

The app allows for scheduling:

Brightness Control:

Light temperature Tuning:

And it comes with really nice preset settings for those of us that don’t know that much about light temperature. I particularly like the blue light for reading and getting things done. It’s wakey and nice, whereas the warmer yellow light is better for family and friend time.

Alexa Integration

The Alexa integration is excellent. It’s responsive and accurate, allowing you to control all your bulbs with your voice. It even lets you group and regroup them, or call them out individually. For example, I can call out my lights individually, or I can turn on the couch, or I can turn on the living room, all with different commands. It’s really awesome.

No Hub Required

Of course, who needs a hub these days? But it’s worth mentioning - you can buy one of these and use it right away, no problem.


The price is great. For $19.99 on Amazon it’s a steal for what you can do with it.


I don’t really have any cons. I have noticed that the base of the bulb gets warm when in use, but that hasn’t really struck me as a problem yet.

In conclusion, you should get one! I actually bought three and I’m probably going to get more for the other rooms of my house.

Thanks for reading!


Nice detailed video review!!

Eufy app adds intelligence and value to the Eufy Lumos Bulb. This is nicely done by Anker Eufy.

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Perfectly made as usual.
Enjoy the weekend!


First rate review as usual @gAnkster :thumbsup:

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great review! thanks for sharing!

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Nice review thanks for also including pictures. Just subscribed to your Chanel because of the video!


So with these, do you turn on the app, and they appear? Is it that easy to set/adjust and connect?

I didn’t cover the connection - You have to connect to the bulb’s own wifi network in your phone settings, then return to the app and give it the wifi password for your home. After that, it;s just there and easy to use. Youcan rename and group it and stuff.

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Great review! :clap: good job! :ok_hand:


Great review, thanks

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Excellent review as always buddy. :clap:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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Great review @gAnkster :thumbsup:

Great review as usual @gAnkster!