Eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light Review!

I apologize for the lack of b-roll in advance. I had to edit this on my phone. I had the b-roll recorded, but it wouldn’t let me add it.

Regardless, I hope you like it!

Video Review on YouTube

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Nice review. :slight_smile:

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You’re really talented in writing a review!:heart_eyes:

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Thanks for the review.

If Anker is open to suggestions, then I’d like a future version which sense motion and comes on when its dark and there is motion, then stay on for a couple of minutes after no motion. Excellent for bathrooms or placing around the home so someone can walk around and lights come on as they move.

It would also be good if the mains power goes off for there to be a rechargeable battery inside and it turns on the light if its dark and there is motion. Then that covers for power outage. It doesn’t need to be a particularly big battery.

These can be just future versions, obviously more features is going to cause a higher price.

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Thank you!!! Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for the Power User program and I haven’t been contacted by Anker to test and provide feedback for pre-release products. :frowning: Maybe you can hook me up?! :heart_eyes:

I believe their Stick-On package offers just that. It is battery powered. You can get it for $11.99 on Amazon with the code QZ5NQY3O
Expires tonight.

Here it is on Amazon:
Eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light, Warm White LED, Light Sensor, Motion Sensor, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallway, Stairs, Energy Efficient, Compact, 3-pack
Only stays on for 15s though.

Thanks for the pointer. The idea of motion with stick-on with batteries vs non-motion wall socket isn’t ideal. Motion should be an option with mains power.

If you have mains power you can have a mode where when power goes out it uses a built-in rechargeable battery so it will turn lights on even when no power. In general then if its evening and power goes out the ceiling lights will go off and if you’re in the room them the motion and the darkness will trigger the Eufy lights on.

Then it will sell well in for example places with have (a concern with) outages. Storms, earthquakes etc.

Currently I have LC40 hung in places you can find in the dark, they can be stood on their ends and illuminate a room.

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Keep in mind though that Eufy claims they’ll last for 64,000 minutes off of three AAA batteries. After all, it is an LED.

Eufy now offers a 6 pack of the plug-in night lights. Still won’t find any motion sensing tech, though.

Amazon link:

Nice review @joshuad11 :blush: