Eufy light won't connect

Been using these light bulbs for over a year and they worked great. Wanted to change to a new router, yes, it’s on 2.4, and now can’t connect to new or old. I have been using the EufyHome app, newest one from the Apple App Store. It get’s to the part telling me to connect to the bulb, I do, then return to the app, get the spinning wheel and then nothing. No error, no moving forward, nothing. I have done it several times now, and I have reset the bulb several times too.

Frustrating doesn’t begin to explain how I feel.

Try reinstalling the app

Did you change the WiFi SSID? changed the WiFi Password? --> on new router

I faced an issue which may be a bug… Had to change the password for Eufy Bulb to connect… Try changing the wifi password and check if it works