eufy L70 side brush motor

My L70 side brush keeps giving errors even with the side brush removed. I am just out of warranty and looking for options. I purchased a motor but it appears the gears are plastic versus metal for the L70.

Seems the motor you got is the wrong replacement.
You should really contact the Eufy support.

i have, they offered me a 40% off rebate and said their repair shops are closed. I emailed back and asked for more information on how to order a new side brush motor. The 11 and 11s motor is a smaller connector, smaller gauge wires, and is missing the spindle gear like the L70 motor.

Did you think about tinkering?

If you try to create a replacement using the old and the new one.
Some fotos would be helpful to create ideas.

I have the replacement motor of a 11S, but I dont know the differences from that L70.

yes i’ll try to post some photos soon and we can decide. i put it all back together to try and test it and my tinkering so far did not result in any change.

Ja, would be useful,
to see the differences between these.

Got the same error, the brush was not rotating. I removed the motor and found that was working @12V.
Could be a dirty commutator that failed under load, so I cleaned the commutator using a contact cleaner through the motor vents, reassembled the L70, tested and worked better than before.
The motor still have a good amount of carbons, so dirty inside was the best possible issue.

The motor is easy to replace, but I didn’t found any 10680 rk 500 motor on the web.
Here is the motor code.

Here with the mount and gears:

Good job on fixing it :clap:

I like such works.
Yes indeed the disassembling of the RoboVac is easy.
But to find the fitting spare parts could be hard.
You made a perfect job.
I swapped the left side brush element, because the nylon gears were rotten.
I am sure one can find such a gear but a lot of searching.
So it was easier to swap the whole unit,
though I hate such a waste of resources.