Eufy L70 Lost WiFi Also Loses Map

Have had the L70 for a couple of months and its generally a great experience. The cleaning area is 2000 sq ft which takes a long time to map before I can use zones. That’s ok, but twice now the unit has lost wifi (even though the signal is strong) and goes into a mode called “offline”. There is no way to reconnect to wifi other than what the instructions say which is to reset the wifi by simultaneously pressing power and recharge. This leads me to the initial setup screen where I have to add the L70 as a brand new unit. This wipes the map which means I can’t use zone cleaning until an entire map is rebuilt. There should be some way of reconnecting wifi without resetting wifi. Has anyone encountered this and have a suggestion? Thank you!

@Serenity The case that the vacuum goes offline is a bit unusual and disappointing. Please contact our customer support at support@eufylife for further assistance. Sorry for the hassle and thank you for your time.

@Serenity did you find a solution to this. It is happening to me too.