Eufy L70 hybrid robotic vacuum software suggestions

I have a new L70. Overall, I like it a lot. But there are a few things that could be implemented in software (in my case iOS, FWIW) that would make the manageability of the device significantly nicer.

  1. Provide the ability to define and save multiple “Zone Clean” settings.

  2. Under “Edit Map”, the area where you cannot place a “No-Go Zone” cannot touch a circle around the base. The diameter of that circle is about 6 feet, while it appeared to be much smaller when I first started using the L70. If any No-Go Zone rectangle touches the circle, the app will refuse to see the map. It is not clear at all if resetting the map might make the circle smaller.

  3. If I want to use the mop at all, I must put the base on hard flooring, as one also cannot have a “No-Mop Zone” touch that circle. This is not mentioned anywhere in the manual. Frankly, the No-Mop Zone feature seems kind of worthless to me as I find myself just doing a Zone Clean instead.

  4. The No-Go Zone and No-Mop Zones are limited to non-rotatable rectangles. As many people’s homes have non-rectangular features (mine included), this limitation makes specifying those zones impossible without huge amounts of overlap.

  5. It would be nice to be able to zoom in a bit more on the map to enable better fine-tuning of zone definitions.

  6. Lastly (for now), the help facility is not terribly useful.

All of these things could be fixed/enhanced in the app. This is a high-end vacuum. Let’s make it world-class.


Thanks @straka,

We already pass your valuable suggestions to the eufy product team. Hope we can enhance the features in the app as soon as possible.

Thanks again!


Great write up! Thanks for putting in the time to make this a quality post :clap:. I hope your suggestions are taken by the engineer team.


Thanks for your post and your great suggestions @straka. I registered today, to write down my own ideas for the L70 Hybrid. We are so happy with the handling, his navigation system, and the cleaning results. From the hardware side, this robot is probably the best in the world. But the software is still in need of improvement. The app works very well, but the functionality is unfortunately very limited. Other manufacturers are already considerably further here. Sorry!

First the installation:
The connection of the app (on Android) with the vacuum robot was problematic. Only the deactivation of Bluetooth and mobile data allowed a connection to the device - for whatever reason. A hint in the manual would have been helpful.

My software suggestions:

Defining rooms / areas with individual settings

Under “Edit Map” there should be an option (similar to the No-Go-Areas) to define rooms or areas, that can be named and have individual settings for vacuum intensity and amount of water for mopping.

We have about 100 square meters of surface, which is to be cleaned and is composed of tiles, parquet, laminate and carpet. Depending on the area, a different suction intensity and above all a different amount of water makes so much sense. On the tiles, for example, we would like to use more water than on the parquet and laminate and set the highest suction on the carpet.

Select rooms / areas in schedules and zone cleaning

In addition, it would be great if these designated areas could be directly selected in the cleaning schedules and zone cleaning.

So far, the cleaning plans make no sense for us, since only the days of the week, start time and suction intensity can be set. So it would be, for example, easily possible in the morning to let only clean the living area and then, when the family is out of the house, the sleeping areas and the kitchen.

Even with the zone cleaning, which we currently use exclusively, it is awkward to have to redefine the individual areas each time. So it would be easily possible to directly select the kitchen or the dining room without cumbersome to draw the rectangles. In addition, the vacuum cleaner could then be sent by Alexa or Google in a specific room, too.

Defining doors

Today we had the problem that the L70 didn’t leave his charging station, because he thought the desired cleaning room wouldn’t be reachable. The problem was that he had last cleaned the corridor in front of the room and the door was closed at that time. So he registered the door as a wall. My workaround was that I also placed a small cleaning zone in front of the door that was opened this time - and the robot started.

Therefore, it would be very helpful to be able to define doors. So the robot can drive to the door and check if it’s open or not, before he announces that he cann’t reach the area.

Since all these functions depend only on the software (and most functions are already present in a similar way), we (and certainly many other users) would be extremely grateful if they could be added by an update. From our point of view, the L70 Hybrid would really be the perfect vacuum robot and an absolute top model.

Sorry for my broken english.


Yesterday the robot lost his map with all the settings. He was on his way back to his charging station and suddendly stopped in the middle of the corridor. His tower was supposed to be trapped, the app said. After pressing the charging button on top of the robot, he began to start a new map. Very annoying to set all the little no go areas again!

It would be very helpful if you could save a map as a backup.

@AnkerOfficial a year later, are there any updates on any of these feature requests, or indeed any new software features for the L70? It’s entirely possible that I missed or forgot something, but I can’t recall any new features being added since I purchased the vacuum at launch. As this was the first RoboVac with laser navigation–hopefully the first of many!–I understood and accepted the “early adopter cost” of limited features and bugs at launch, but over a year later, I’m a bit disappointed that we haven’t seen any quality-of-life features being added, even as they become increasingly common on competing products (often at lower price points).

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Sadly given the Anker/Eufy support staff interaction I’ve had I doubt we will ever see anything improved.

When I first purchased the vacuum I was very impressed until it began having issues. I’m now on the band wagon of not recommending this vacuum to anyone interested in a smart mapping vacuum system.

The first one I owned the unit lasted just a couple of days before the year warranty ran out.
After some harsh e-mails with Eufy support they finally agreed to send me a replacement. The issue appears to have been a battery fault and the unit would die in mid vacuuming process. The second unit they sent lasted only 5 months before the unit failed to return to the docking station. It would drive endlessly in circles in front of the docking station until the battery died.

The point of this is when contacting Eufy support, they provided no helpful suggestions, along with just asking me to repeat the same troubleshooting process already stated to have been completed in the first E-mail sent to them. Typical robotic technical support who do not have any experience or knowledge of the products they support and are only reading from a script. I would not waste time or money and maybe try a Roomba s9+ or a Roborock S6. Those products appear to have spent much more time making a better app experience.

I also found that Eufy will not provide any opportunities to buy replacement parts including the battery, so once you invest $500+ dollars you have a worthless brick shortly after the 1-year warranty runs out.