Eufy is in trouble

Hello again, sadly I lost my account @Kopra_12.

But this topic is really important. Apparently eufy uploaded pictures to the cloud without users consent.

I hear about it over at LTT’s WAN show:

Do you still trust Anker? LTT now wants to cancel their partnership with them.


It makes you wonder if they were doing that for the development of the homebase 3 software to give the their system faces to to become better at detecting them. (Could be wrong)


I was recommending Eufy to family and friends, but I probably am going to have to tell them to return their products. Luckily they have extended return policy from Best Buy.

In a last ditch effort to be “okay” with this sort of intrusion, I blocked the devices from accessing outside internet via my router. The app no longer works and the cameras are non-functional. Will try to set a schedule for the devices and see if they still record locally. Also will check if they continue to work with my NAS (which has push notifications so I can live without Eufy’s).

There is absolutely no need for internet for the app to manage the devices, it should just use the LAN. Don’t come at me with “but push notifications won’t work” Eufy; that’s a stupid weak response.

If the schedule and NAS does not work while blocking internet from the devices, they will become trash. Do better Eufy…

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They’ll be ok

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I’ll just add this here like I did on the Eufy page, but this is far from surprising at all. They (Anker, Eufy, Soundcore) all utilize scripts on their website that capture every keystroke you do as soon as you hit the page. Not uncommon, but is not something the GDPR covers for with a blanket “Accept All Cookies”. For them to say that they are not capturing the photos and deleting them later and then going behind a clearly insecure backdoor to utilize/profit/update their software/etc/etc by using them. Clear violation of trust and I would not be surprised if this creates more questions into their practices.

It’s not just thumbnails but the entire stream is accessible unencrypted. Eufy lied about the capabilities to The Verge about the story.

This is bad programming and management tried to cover it up.

I’ve been a user of Anker products for over a decade but I think we all over estimate how much of their products are designed in house. A lot of Anker’s reputation is built on purchased Amazon reviews. Lying about how the camera system works erode years trust. I would never buy a Eufy product going forward and will probably buy a competitor’s charger. Most likely their competitors chargers use the same parts as Anker.

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not buying from eufy, was going to buy whole house system.

It is really upsetting to see them doing that. Hopefully Anker/eufy has some kind of explanation. I saw a couple things about this as of late even including a bunch of other people I’m the comments of YouTube videos that deal with Anker products.

No eufy cameras here but still will use and buy Anker products

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Thankfully “old Willy” (11S) is to stupid to do that.
But who knows, when I will find him one day connected to my WIFI I will fire him! :joy:

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With Black Friday my wife decide to get a Eufy vacuum. I will have to program to not to go into my kids room as there is just too much legos and stuff to sweep up LOL

Wonder how many other cam companies have similar issues and are working to fix their systems as well.

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Oh Duane, there are many things to care about when using such a “Willy”.
eg. Cables, carpets and of course the LEGO.
I dont have experience with a mopper .
I dont trust these. :laughing:

So when you have any questions about such a “Willy” ask me.
( I am better, for sure, than the non existing support :rofl:)

My “old Willy” can not be programmed and that’s GOOD!
So I use a wooden slat I put at the door frame’s bottom to keep Willy out or in a room.
Works fine.