Eufy Indoor Cam 2K motion detection behind a window during daytime

Can I get an answer from Eufy Indoor Cam 2K product manager about when they plan to have the Indoor Cam 2K that will be able to do motion detection behind a window during daytime?
I understand that night vision has a technical limitation with infrared, so my requirement is to have it working properly at least during daytime.
If I don’t have an answer before March 2021, I will need to buy from the competitors like Wyze … but I would prefer to have a firmware upgrade or buy a new Eufy Indoor Cam 2K that can do motion detection behind a window during daytime.
It’s your call Eufy Indoor Cam 2K indoor product manager!
It’s time to innovate and meet customer requirements! ;>))

You could just email support and ask them directly

As stated by @ikari04warrior that you should email eufy security to ask the question as this is the community pages.

Secondly I have a pan and tilt cam from eufy that I have at my window and it has caught almost all of the people coming and going during the day

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I did a quick test, and it detects motion through the glass. So now you have 2 data points (including @Duane_Lester) that indicate the Indoorcams will do motion detection from behind a window.

Now, will it be good enough for your situation? Only way to really tell is to try it out.

Thanks. I tested the Indoor Cam 2K from behind a window and it does detect pets, but not person.

Thanks, I will contact support.

Great, update this thread so it can help other users

Same here…I have 3 Eufy Indoor 2K Pan & Tilt cameras that are mounted behind glass and all three give GREAT results (during the day, of course).

Is your motion detection set to pet only?? You can choose person, pet, and/or all other motion.

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I agree with @onstar. There is a setting for pets and human. There is also a setting that allow you to expand the field of view for detection as well. (ie you could set it to only catch a certain potion of it view)

I would also make sure that nothing is blocking the field of vision as well. I found out when I was taking my Christmas stuff down that I laid a decoration that blocked like 35 or 40 percent of the field of view and that did make it seem to not to catch some events as I was walking in the other parts of the field of view.

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