Eufy - How to Install the Eufy Smart Switch

Have you seen the latest video on Eufy’s YouTube channel?

The Eufy Smart Switch :ok_hand:
I haven’t seen these posted anywhere else before. I know there are lots of manufacturers that make smart switches now and great to see Eufy expanding the smart products range.

These would go down a storm in the UK I’m sure (If they make them for us)
Not sure I would just twist the wires together and put a hat on them though???


I did electrical work for 4 years, those “hats” as you called it are eletrical wing nuts and are designed/made specifically to splice wires together. Nothing wrong with the way they did it, I just always wrapped everything in electrical sealant tape to prevent any type of disconnection. But that’s just me

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I’m sure it’s fine. It was just a little surprising for me to see.
We tend to use terminal blocks and tape around them too.

Seen the hats used before but yes as @Oggyboy mentioned, in the UK we tend to use terminal blocks and the like for electrical wiring / splicing / splitting. Looks interesting but with the different wiring methods / colours / standard’s I doubt this will make an appearance outside the US any time soon…

Yea the only time I have ever used those blocks was inside a gang box or electrical panel itself. But your right, with so many different standards around the world I’m not sure we will see this in other markets anytime soon.

Is there a way to wire these switches in a 3way configuration? Even if i have to use 2 of them to do it.

I currently have 3 eufy smart switches working in my house that have been online for a year now. I have a 4th regular switch that i’d like to replace with a smartswitch but recently found out it’s wired in a 3way configuration. The documentation says 3/way is not supported by these switches. But i was wondering if there is a safe, tested workaround.

P.S. The switches are actually wired to a wall power outlet. Not an actual light socket.

Are these switches discontinued now? I can’t find them on