Eufy HomeVac H11 Launch 👏

Hey eufy fans,

We have big news! eufy now has cordless vacuum cleaners!:clap:

Following the huge success of RoboVac, we are taking an exciting step into the cordless vacuum cleaner space. HomeVac will offer tasteful yet practical solutions for all your everyday cleaning needs. The critically acclaimed designs ensure every HomeVac fits seamlessly into any room.

We are kicking things off with the eufy HomeVac H11. This lightweight and cordless vacuum is built for efficiency and complete mobility. Weighing just 1.2lbs, and being roughly the size of a wine bottle, cleaning is made effortless and storage is made simple.

eufy HomeVac H11 features:

  • Dust Devouring Suction - With 5500Pa of power, you can suck up every spec in seconds when everyday mess is made.

  • Versatile 2-in-1 Crevice Tool - To reach into the deepest corners of your sofa or under low-lying furniture.

  • Micro USB Connectivity for Convenient Charging - Simply use a USB charger anywhere in your home and charge with ease.

To celebrate the launch of the eufy HomeVac H11, we’re giving you, our community members, an exclusive 29% discount. But you’ll have to act fast, as you’ve only got a limited time to snap them up at this amazing price!

eufy HomeVac H11 - Black (29% OFF)
Original price: $59.99
Deal Price: $42.49
Valid from Dec 16th to Dec 22th
For US residents only


Nice! When are the full stick cordless vacuums coming??


Overall I like it, and it seems like a good price. But now it Micro-USB convenient? USB-c is far more convenient

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That’s a nice little treat! It would probably be a great accessory for my desk at work!

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Looks like a great little toy. Thanks for the news @AnkerOfficial

This looks great, and awesome price!!

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Thinking about this more, it would be perfect for a car

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:star_struck::star_struck::open_mouth: I really love the design. Not a fan of it being microUSB though. It states that you can get 13 minutes of use with a single charge. I wonder how long it takes to charge?

When I saw the picture above I thought it was a bottle of red wine. :joy:

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Looks good but seems like a missed opportunity (again) for USB-C to become standard in the charging line…hope this makes it to UK shores as it would be beyond handy for getting into awkward places in the car :heart_eyes:


100% on both points.
Robovac is great for a daily clean but not so convenient for a quick suck up after breakfast and small spillages.
This would cover that well.

Nice design.
Not only for indoor use.
To clean the car as well.


Would this have enough suction to clean carpets in the car?
I often struggle with my normal vacuum!


This is a good question Paul.
I use this one I got at the flea market years ago.
This is a devil!
Could pull the seats from the car! :joy:


Incredible force and quality, old model of course, what else! :rofl::rofl:

Meanwhile this CE has forbidden to produce such strong ones. :angry:


This would be so good for hoovering out my car! It’s a job I hate doing with my handheld Dyson as it’s an old boy now and doesn’t have the power and suction that it used to have.

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Looks neat and convenient to use!

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this looks very practical :heart_eyes:


I bet this thing really SUCKS!!! :joy:

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