Eufy HomeVac Cordless Upright

Hi Friends,

I noticed the HomeVac Upright is no longer listed on the Eufy website. I am looking to purchase one, but of course am looking for a deal.

I saw the refurbished one for $49 through the Anker site, but tend to steer clear of refurbished/used vacuums.

I do see the item on Amazon. But again, looking for a deal.

Anyone know the status of the HomeVac Upright? New model coming?



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Often times you will see products come and go off their website, but this is no indication that a product may be near its end of life. It generally just means it is out of stock at their particular warehouse that they ship from, Amazon is it’s own shipping entity so their stock will almost always be different and hence why it’s in stock there and not on Eufy website.

As far as deals go, you may just have to wait for the stick vac to be included. More often than not their deals are for other top selling items or when they have an overstock of items and are making room for new inventory

Also, there is that 10 dollar off coupon on Amazon. But that’s the best I have see. I myself have been interested in getting one of these too and am also waiting for a better deal

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