Eufy HomeVac 28.8v

I will talk about this vacuum cleaner, I bought it in the page of Anker it left like 60 $ Pre-Owned, it was very cheap and at home there is a lot of dust I decided to buy it. My first impression was that it was made of good material but until they sent me the other one because it was damaged I felt very silly since that one brought the hook for the wall and in the first one I tried to hang it :sweat: without success, I stayed months trying to know how I was going backwards or sideways. The vacuum cleaner worked very well it does its job but it takes a long time to load like 8-10 hours so that it sucks 30-40 minutes in its most powerful mode. It has a lot of power to aspire and I was delighted but after a week the two front wheels came out and it still worked but you had to push it much harder for it to move. I guess that happened because it was Pre-Owned and the rubber still lost its alasticity. A few weeks later what turns on the floor stopped spinning it turned out to be defective and I contacted Eufy and they solved the problem immediately the replacement arrived in 3 days. The other day I hurt the Linksys router and contacted them and they simply told you to buy another one or we gave you a discount for your next purchase but when I asked how much the discount was I felt very offended it was 2 or 3 dollars, it is not It is bad that but to think that my router is 150 dollars is not worth it and only you give those 2 options. Thinking in this way Anker and all its other brands have the best customer service and think that the products are excellent. It has already been 7 months until now that the front stop turning. Aspira but does not sweep the floor, I realized that it was my problem and what you have to take out you had to remove the hair as that gets stuck and damaged. I do not recommend this vacuum to anyone who has long hair because they get hooked quickly. If you read it completely I feel very grateful, thank you very much. You help me a lot by liking me.

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