Eufy Homekit Camera Control

This might already be possible, if so, please correct me so I can very quickly go out and buy these cameras. :grinning:

Are there any plans to be able to control the Eufy 2/2c from Homekit? What i am looking for is the ability to turn off a camera (or all) or snooze a camera (or all) based on another Homekit accessory. So for instance, if my alarm is disarmed, it will trigger the cameras to either snooze notifications and still record (ideal case) or I could turn off a camera entirely.

I currently do the above with my Blink Cameras, but would like to upgrade to something different.

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Hey @Scott_Silence :slight_smile:

The good news is our eufycam2/2c is now support the Homekit feature.

Please feel free to reach out for further assistance! Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you an have a good one!

I am aware of that as I have been doing a lot of research and review reading. My issue is that I need a method to be able to snooze a camera or all of them, or turn a camera off through a Smart Home activity. And I am not picky where that comes from. It could be through HomeKit, IFTTT, etc… I currently have Blink and can very easily control the cameras through IFTTT in this fashion and would want to do the same with Eufy.

Eufy cam’s are the worst for home automation, they don’t support anything(ifttt, smarthings, api…)

HomeKit Secure Video is planned for the Eufycam 2 & 2c in Q1. This will allow iOS to further integrate into the Apple Home app and do what you need it to do.

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