Eufy Homebase connection to modem

Can’t seem to find my post made yesterday, so here goes again.

Just bought a Eufy Cam pack… 2 T8111 cameras, T8001 HomeBase. Setup cleanly, with Homebase connected to modem via ethernet, and system works well.

After setup was completed I had expected to be able to disconnect the Homebase from ethernet, move it physically away from the modem, and run it from modem via WiFi.

However, when I pull the ethernet cable the HomeBase shows as offline, and nothing works. Rebooted modem, powered HomeBase off/on - no change. Replugging ethernet from HomeBase to modem brings things back to 100% working.

Did I simply misunderstand what I was reading about how the EufyCam system works, or am I missing a setup step. Internet (broadband 40+mbps) and in-house wi-fi are working fine with all other devices.

Thanks for any help.


Hi @CG13 I take it you did go through the WIFI SSID setup under My Devices > ‘Homebase Name’ > Connection before disconnecting from Ethernet?

The WIFI setup gives you step by step instructions to complete while hardwired, then will prompt you to disconnect your Ethernet cable once the WIFI setup is ready to be used.

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Neil, thank you. I’ve now gone through the HomeBase setup, and been able to disconnect the ethernet.

I can’t recall being prompted to make the ethernet/wi-fi decision during setup, but that may simply be my oversight.

On a more positive note - the Eufy camera product operational capability is superb! Clearly well-engineered, both hardware and software. I will plan to buy additional cameras/devices now that I have this initial experience.

Thanks once again for your prompt, instructive response.


Your welcome, glad to hear you are now sorted :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem with my Homebase. It was connected via Ethernet. We got rid of that nearby Ethernet, so now only Wifi connectivity. It does not give me an option to move from Ethernet to Wifi. How do I do that??

Matt, time has faded my memory, but I recall that when I went through the Homebase setup procedure again - after the initial setup had only got me to ethernet, as you have - that the option to use Wifi was offered, and works well. (Just fyi, I left the ethernet connected, and if there is ever a Wifi hiccup in the house, the Homebase switches back to ethernet automatically (an audible voice message announces that the switch has happened) and then when Wifi is up again, switches back.
Good luck!