Eufy Homebase causing whole internet to drop

My home base is causing my home internet to stop working. I even went so far as to buy a new home router. Everything works fine as I add the extended router, TV, home phone. As soon as I plug the Eufy home base in the internet stops working. As soon as I unplug it, the internet begins working again. Was there a firmware pushed that could be causing this? Please help. Having to choose between internet and security isn’t a joyful experience.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or has my unit gone bad?

It could be you need to set a specific channel for your router?

Or wire the homebase, instead of wifing!

Never heard of this before.

Please try hard reset of the home base. Hold the reset button on the bottom for few seconds and should take care of most of it. Be careful as it may erase the data on SD card.

Home base doesn’t work on wifi, it has to be wired only.

It’s possible that your network cable isn’t working correctly. Do you have a different cable you can try?