Eufy Homebase 2 and Homekit

I’m having an issue adding my Homebase 2 to Homekit. Wondering if anyone out there is having the same issue. Firmware is updated to the latest. I can’t add the Homebase and cameras to the Home IOS App because I don’t have the home icon on my Homebase Homekit sticker; I have to go through the Security App to add the bridge, but it can’t find the accessory to get added. I’ve tried it paired with cameras and without, restarted/reset the Homebase multiple times; restarted my phone and logged in and out of the App multiple times. For the life of me can’t figure out why Home IOS isn’t recognizing the Homebase 2. Any thoughts?

Hi, I had a little trouble but I initially set it up without HomeKit first and then had to reset it. (Hold pin in the small circle at back of homes base 2 until it goes red again)

Then start again. But when it says add device, option for HomeKit, scan the QR code at the bottom of the Homebase. It doesn’t look like a regular HomeKit barcode but does work.

Just to show you it does connect…

No I’m use to me as the doorbell isn’t HomeKit enabled buts it’s ready if I get some cameras.

Thanks for the feedback! I restarted and reset to no end. Curious. Does your Homebase HomeKit barcode have the little home icon or is it without? This is where it always gets stuck:

Mine doesn’t have a home/house on the sticker.

I did mine through the Eufy App. Just select the HomeKit option. I can’t remember the exact option.

Then, when I’d finished installing the Homebase I installed the doorbell. Then I checked HomeKit and realised only the Homebase was in there and it clicked that the doorbell was not HomeKit compatible :frowning:


I am having the exact same problem. Did you ever figure this out?

Same issue here… very sad to see how long the Homekit connection problems have been receiving the standard “is it plugged in?” responses from tech support.

You can expose the doorbell to HomeKit by using Homebridge & the Homebridge Eufy Security plugin.