Eufy Genie VS. Amazon Echo Dot

Hi, friends of Anker forum,

I just noticed a new product by Eufy on Amazon. I think it’s the first day it is available now. :grinning:

Eufy Genie Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa Built In, Voice Control and Hands-Free Use, Music Streaming, Smart Home Control, AUX Output, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network Support Only, No Bluetooth, Black

Very cute smart speaker. I saw this poster, so I did a little research, hoping it would be helpful for those who are interested. :grinning:

Well, I think the biggest difference lies in that Eufy Genie does not support for Bluetooth, but it is cheaper and it claims to have a better audio effects.

Below is a picture of these two products.

After finishing this thread, I just found out that someone has already made a comparison between them. :joy: Here is the link.

Anker’s new Alexa smart speaker is a dirt-cheap Echo Dot


WOW~Great!Excellect product!
I am waiting for so long and cannot wait to buy one:smirk:

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Sorry about the excel, I don’t know how to make it bigger :joy:

Here @AnkerOfficial

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Everyone need download to read…:joy:

heh was just reading it today in a article

Just a couple days ago Eufys website said it was going to be 40% cheaper than the Echo Dot, which would place it at $30. @AnkerOfficial can you confirm this?

In case anyone who’s reading this didn’t read the article, it’s a very good one with lots of information.

I found this interesting:

I hope the smart light strip supports color!

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@TechnicallyWell has a review up comparing the Eufy Genie to the Echo Dot. Great job - I really liked the intro!

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Great comparison, thank you for sharing.

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Hey thanks! It’s my first time being introduced by a digital assistant! :joy:

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Does this support Apple music @AnkerOfficial

@cdarienzo1, unfortunately, Apple Music is not supported directly on any of the Alexa devices, including the Eufy Genie. However, you can AirPlay (“cast”) Apple Music from your phone to the Genie as it will show up on your network as an AirPlay receiver.

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Thats cool thanks!

I have just seen Anker smart speaker listed as best Alexa enabled Speaker and what I like about this speaker is that the size of speaker quite small and the price is even cheaper than echo dot.

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[quote=“peyton.zhou, post:1, topic:53787”]
the biggest difference lies in that Eufy Genie does not support for Bluetooth
[/quote]@AnkerOfficial, is a Bluetooth version still planned? I thought it was supposed to come out last year for $5 more than the regular Genie (?).

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