Eufy genie recording conversation?

Hey guys, I am about to receive an eufy genie and I just want to ask if the eufy Genie records all my conversations without my permission. I have heard stories about amazons products recording and sending the recording convo to random people. As the genie has Alexa does it record all my conversations and sending it to the government or random people.

I recently got an Amazon Echo and was rather paranoid about the same thing. So far as I want to believe… it supposably, only records what YOU ask Alexa.

Amazon does keep a history of what you ask Alexa. To find, view, and delete it…

  1. Click the Accounts & Lists tab (under your name on upper right of screen)

  2. Click Your Content and Devices which takes you to Manage Your Contents and Devices … content, devices, preferences, Alexa privacy tabs

  3. Click Alexa Privacy

So in there, you’ll find your voice history and settings for Alexa.

I have heard of what you said about Amazon sending recordings to random people so I can’t say for sure if we can stop being paranoid. Once thing for sure though, I would never get the Echo Show with the camera. Hahaha. THAT is a bit too much for me. I’ll really feel like I’m living in a glass bowl.

Hope this at least helps you to clear those recordings. One thing I will suggest though, which I refuse to do… don’t allow Alexa to access your phone’s contacts. She might “accidentally” call your contacts. :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, I know that by not allowing her to access my contacts, I am not able to have her call someone on my contacts. I think I can do that myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeh same I am Acctually soo paranoid if I should turn it off whilst having a private convo or something so I does not leak any private info. I don’t really know really but yeh I guess I will have to do that anyway.

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Yeah, all those stories are making me very concerned about my privacy as well.