Eufy Genie help please

I am in the process of doing some kitchen reno’s and find myself in need of a way to control my lighting from a more convenient location and also avoid ripping up walls and running wires to install new switches. I am wondering if anyone here has a Genie or Alexa that they use to operate their lighting. I have to use a track light system to carry the electricity 6 feet south to provide over sink lighting and avoid tearing up my ceiling.

  1. Are there controllable bulbs out there that will work with an LED track light system?
  2. Or Is there a way to have Alexa or Genie control my switch rather than the bulb itself.

I know I could research this on Google but the info is very confusing and vague so I am asking for your help.
Thanks in advance friends!!!

I have wemo light switches and they work with Eufy Genie/alexa smart home skill. They have standard on off switches as well as dimmers and are the size of a standard light switch.

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Thanks @bill_rae That looks to be a perfect solution along with Alexa for voice control

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