Eufy Genie $19.99 Today Only (11/20/2017, US)

Just a heads up that the Eufy Genie is available for $19.99 as a deal of the day at Amazon (US)!


Good deal, would snag one if I didn’t just order a bunch of stuff yesterday…Maybe I might still, gotta wait til I get off work first

nice deal! thanks for posting!


Just seen this on their Facebook. I’d be dribbling all over this if it was available in he uk

Couple of other deals also available.


What can I use it for?

This is a good deal. I’ve had one for a while now and it works well. I think the latest patch updated on the app and firmware have mostly brought this up to par with the echo.

Pretty sweet product. But seeing as I have a Google Home I don’t need one. Great steal for the price though.

Well…IF you have a Eufy Genie and those smart bulbs installed in all your kitchen light sockets, you could be able to say “Alexa, Turn on the kitchen” and the kitchen lights would come on. I control kitchen and living room lighting in my house this way already (except I’m using an echo and TPLink bulbs), and it’s awesome.

Of course, you can also ask the weather (which I do every morning), Ask for the news (I have mine set to play the hourly briefing from NPR), demand that music be played (Alexa, play U2), and even ask for jokes and other lighthearted diversions. Pretty cool product altogether, I just ordered the Eufy Genie and I’ll make a video review of the genie vs. echo vs echo dot, all of which I’ll own now. Expect that late December.

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So today it is $6 cheaper to buy 1 Genie and 2 Tunable bulbs than the bundle.

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I saw that deal as well. Its a good deal. Just don’t have the money for them right now.

I bought one. Pretty excited about it. It’s the first Alexa product I’ve bought. I am totally in the dark about Alexa, I use google assistant mostly.

There’s a kit now, but not discounted.


You can pay for someone to set it up.