Eufy Gene & Spotify Connection Problem

I recently started to use Eufy Gene. In general my experience is positive, but when it is connected to Spotify after a certain time it automatically paused. Any idea what might be causing that?

You can try 2 options…

From Alexa app, go to music, manage services and choose the Spotify (since you have linked it already), unlink the account. Close the Alexa app. Go back to music , and link Spotify account again.

Second option is … to completely remove the Eufy Genie from EufyHome app and link the account again.

Also make sure to check you are able to play Spotify music directly over the Alexa app choosing Spotify as default service / station - while connected to same WiFi network as Eufy Genie.

If nothing works, please contact Eufy Support

Do let us know the results, best of luck!

Generally this is by design, and its not only spotify but other music services do this as well. After a certain amount of time, if there is no user interactions the music app will typically ask you if you would like to continue playing. If you do not answer then the music gets paused or times out.