Eufy G30 RoboVac Freezes

I have had a Eufy G30 since it was first released. The first one ultimately developed an issue and it would just spin in place Eufy replaced that one in June of this year. It appears to have developed the same clicking side motor as the first one (you can hear it in the video below) but I now have a handle on fixing that and will probably 3D print some replacement gears.

However, I am now having another more serious issue . The RoboVac will run for a few minutes then simply stop moving. Everything looks normal, no alert tones, no alerts from the app, side motor runs, brush runs, but the locomotion wheels are not turning. It is not hitting an obstacle, it just stops. If I hit the pause button, then start it will resume cleaning then stop again a few minutes later. This is happening on tile floors so it is not the issue with carpet that some Eufy vacuums have had (judging from the forums). I have uploaded a video:

Any ideas? I have an email in to Eufy support as well and waiting to hear back.


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Yes. I thought my first was lost to oblivion after it took a while to be approved and I could find no indication that I had posted and that it was “waiting approval”

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@mike298 no worries, it can happen. As you’ve provided an update under your original, will close this one for now.

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