Eufy Floodlight RTSP / OnVIF support

I was wondering when RTSP and or ONVIF will be supportd with the Eufy Floodlight camera, So far it has been an excellent product, super easy to install. I am looking to use RTSP to also save recordings to a hard drive / NAS device. Even an ability to record to the Eufy Hub via a USB hard drive would be good.

Thanks Anker / Eufy team!

  • Zach

You ever find anything on this??

I haven’t found any new information either, but I would really like to get the stream and integrate the camera into Blueiris.
Does anyone already have a solution?

I’ve gone back to almost a year on here, google search and reddit to find out how long ago “big” features were requested and what has happened since then. So the fact is that IFTTT, RTSP/OnVIF, homebase support on all the non-homebase product, unified control of multiple hombases to arm/disarm, integration with Google Home and other “big” features were discussed and requested almost a year ago. And other than bug fixes, and small add-ons, I don’t see any of the “big” features requested that have been implemented. So I have to ask… What has Eufy development been doing for almost a year? In fact I’ve seen many of these features were talked about by Eufy support that they are being worked on. So IF they are being worked on, they need to come out with a realistic time schedule on at least one or two of these features when will be released. Right now we are in the “yes, we are working on it”, but nothing happens for months (years?) on end. So is Eufy BSing us till the 30 day return period expires? So I would love to hear an honest answer from someone high up at Eufy security software development.

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I’d also be keen to hear about this. I really need a quicker way to access the live camera stream when someone appears at the door.