Eufy floodlight motion detection problem

Hi, I recently bought the eufy floodlight camera from Amazon. It does everything it says on the box except for some reason the motion detection is going of every 5 minutes. The way the camera is set up it is at a angle across a drive way so it covers 2 cars and a van, my house is adjacent to a busy road, I think what is setting the motion off is the cars passing by and their reflection on the cars in the drives windows. Is anybody else having such problems and can anyone offer any advice to help me out , I’m thinking to move the camera to a different location so that it points directly straight out at the driveway that way it won’t reflect light and set the alarm off hopefully

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Hey @cuddlyclothing
I don’t have Eufy cameras (for my sins) but i get a the same problem to you.
When cars turn at the end of my close if sun reflects or headlights shine into my room it triggers an alert.
I’ve played with the zones and the issue has reduced but at the expensive of coverage.
As in your experience, ive found its not just physical motion that triggers an alert but sudden changes in light too.
Let us know if moving you camera helps :+1:t2: