Eufy Floodlight Camera Motion Detection Issue

I just received and installed the Eufy Floodlight Camera (model AK-T84201W1) and I’m having issues with the motion detection distance.

The floodlight camera is mounted about 8 feet high just under the peak of my shed roof. My problem is the distance at which it detects motion.

If I set the Motion Detection Sensitivity to level 4 or below it will only detect motion from just under the camera out to about 15 feet. The walkway in the back yard that I am monitoring is at 21 feet. At level 4 and 21 feet away I can jump up and down and wave my arms and still no motion detected.

Now, if I set the Motion Detection Sensitivity to level 5 it does detect motion at 21 feet. But, it also detects EVERYTHING else including shadow movement, birds flying by, squirrels, etc. Even if I have the Activity Zone set quite small.

How can I get it to detect motion of a person at 21 feet without getting a TON of false notices?

Tim near Seattle

Thank you for reaching out! @Tim84

In this case, please set the sensitivity level to 5 and see if the issue can be solved.

Please also set up the activity zones to avoid the false alert.

If the issue still persists, please feel free to email us

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

The only way I can get it to record movement greater than 16 feet (about 5 meters) is to have the Motion Detection Sensitivity level set to 5. But, when I set the Motion Detection Sensitivity level to 5 (during daylight) it is too sensitive and picks up every movement, even tree branch shadows.

At night, even set to level 5 it won’t record at all if the object (like a person) is more than 16 feet from the camera (about 5 meters).

Do I have a defective unit or are all these Eufy floodlight cameras the same?

I have been working with Eufy support but so far no luck.

I also have issues with motion detection. At night it can detect my cars entering the driveway, and light comes on. But why the camera does not record the motion as a video and send notification?

My camera recording works ok (detection sensitivity on 4) and people at ~10ft. Occaisionally cars at ~30ft was triggering recording so I tightened up the activity zone. There may be some complication with 4 smaller activity zones and rapid movement as not every instance of people activity is captured.
My biggest issue is the light constantly turns on and off every 30s (motion distance 1-3). If I increase motion distance to 5 the on time is greater and more random. If I change the light timer duration to 60s the light is constantly on. I can probably live with constantly on but not the 30s switching. My presence can alter this. I walked around in a circle near the light and it stayed on the whole time. If I stand still until it goes off then move it does come on.

I have two Floodlights installed, one at the front driveway and the other at the back of the house.
The front Floodlight, is not even recording and the lights does not come on until my car is parked about 3m to the camera. Have set it to level 4 sensitivity.

Concern that the detection zones are just not working or the detection ability is simply not good enough.
Has any one got any suggestions on what to do next?

We just installed two of three new units. We are having the same problem with one of the floodlights coming on every 30 seconds. Is there any solution to this problem?

How did you get on? Did you solve the issue with lower sensitivity?

During rain mine goes on every 30-60secs and records only 20secs logged as human motion triggered despite no movement within the activity zone besides rain. Completely useless.

Sounds like the motion sensor is just to sensitive for rain on lowest sensitivity setting, really?

I did not get the issue resolved because if I have it set on “All Motions” the light keeps going on and off. Very frustrating. I have to keep it on “Human Only” which means It’s not picking up cars that come into my driveway. I am hoping Eufy can resolve this glitch because it seems I am not the only one having this problem. Tree movement and shadows trigger it if I have it on “All Motions” even if the sensitivity level is set to 1. I have tried adjusting the activity zones, but that doesn’t help either.