Eufy Floodlight camera issue & reset ?

Hi all,

Last week I installed the floodlight camera and all was ok, but it kept giving me false alerts so I was going to send it back - but decided now to install this on another side of the house.

I have wired it all up - but it will NOT connect ! I am using Eero pro for my wifi connection and its a good 60-100mb outside in this area.

It is showing it as connected on Eero app and on 2.4Ghz but the light gets to the last stage on the app and will not connect - i have pressed the top of the light for 10 seconds and it seems to do a kind of reset, but Eero is still showing its connected - so this is not a factory reset.

Can anyone help if they have had this issue…i have tried over 40 times now and its getting annoying !
Is there a proper master reset of the floodlight camera and any help on what I have had?

i have a feeling, its because the light was installed before - just deleted from the app and when i boxed it up…now I want to use it again, its blocked from Eufy.

Again - showing that a cloud structure in place has stopped me from using a camera that was bought as no cloud integration was involved.