Eufy floodlight camera height

Can anybody advise if tried floodlight install height at 6 ft?

We’ve got low roof height where the floodlight would need to be placed and wonder if the camera field of view might be limited in some way.

The floodlight camera has a 140 degree horizontal coverage so I doubt having it at 6ft height would impact the view however it could make it easier to be stolen or damaged.

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Setting it that low is asking for someone to steal it or damage it. But when I tested another security light camera system from another brand I tested about 5 feet before setting it at 9 feet for its current location. During the testing I had no major issues. I did notice that the field few was less but not enough to matter. Maybe a foot or two on each side, the sensors lost a few feet, and the light was blinding because it was in your eye line.

These cameras are designed for a recommended height range for best results. So keep that in mind when installing.