Eufy floodlight Camera goes offline after a new floodlight working for a week

I bought a new Eufy Floodlight Cam. After 1 week of running, Cam has gone offline. I would like to know the solutions for this problem.
Did others encounter this problem?
I am not happy about this if quality is bad and this problem repeats.

Does my cam has issue?

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The camera is supposed to be hardwired in, have you checked to make sure the wires are still attached properly? Any breaker linked to that specific circuit get tripped?

I don’t know if it’s the same issue. I only got my floodlight today and after installing I’ve noticed a weird habit. When motion is detect ie. When I’m walkng outside testing it on purpose,there is no problems.
However when I come indoors and the floodlight turns off after 30seconds, I’ve noticed it goes offline. Nothing I do seems to connect it back. So I tried walking outside and after it detects me I open the Eufy app and it’s connected again.
Seems like when no motion is detected it goes offline, I need to test it out a bit more on the weekend to be sure though.

I’ve had the floodlight cam for 1.5 months and haven’t had either of the issues you mention.

Have you checked that the firmware is updated
Is the device set in Away mode?

So I figured mine wasn’t working because it was only getting powered on when the motion sensor of the previous floodlight I replaced was being triggered. Once I rewired it to supply constant power it’s been fine.