Eufy Floodlight Camera and Homekit

I just bought a couple Eufycam 2 cameras, and am looking forward to the Homekit update. I want to also buy a couple floodlight cameras but wasn’t able to find any answers about whether they would be updated to work with Homekit in the future as well. Is Homekit coming to the floodlight cameras? Is it even possible for them to be updated to work with Homekit?


@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical help us out with an answer. Thank you

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They have a beta firmware to enable 2c cams to work with homkit

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I was told that the doorbell and floodlights won’t support HomeKit but a future version of them may.

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I’ve been thinking about this. I’ve bought in to the Eufy ecosystem of cameras and I appreciate that they’ve brought HomeKit to the Eufycam 2, which is great, but I’m now confused as to what direction Eufy will take their security products in the future. What I’d love to see is for them to fully embrace HomeKit and for all new products to be fully HomeKit enabled. As it stands currently, some cameras do work with HomeKit and some don’t. The floodlights don’t and neither do the doorbells. It feels a little fragmented and not the slickest user experience. If Eufy got fully onboard, they’d be the first and only company to do so and would be a real selling point and I’d have my wallet ready for almost everything they brought to market.

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Considering that to enable HomeKit to eufyCam thay had to do hardware change in homebase and cam. I think its unlikely current floodlight or doorbell will ever support it. If homekit support will be introduced it will be for Floodlight2 and Doorbell2.
Not to mention IFTTT… That will be probably v3 :wink:
No annual fees - just new hardware every year :slight_smile:


If / when the Floodlight camera is Homekit compatible, I’d be all over it. I’m generally disappointed with other “smart floodlight” brightness or detection distances, but this one seems to fit the bill. I want to put these lights at existing mounts up under second floor eaves so I need some considerable light and detection range. So many of the “smart” category seem designed for single-story use.

I would swap all of my ring floodlight cameras for eufy floodlights if they had HomeKit capabilities.


Any news on this front, anybody heard anything?
I’m waiting for a homekit floodlight as well :slight_smile:

Any news yet on Eufy Floodlight Camera supporting Homekit? I need to by some floodlight cameras and only one HomeKit enabled ones, really don’t want to have to buy the Arlo versions since I planned on getting some other Eufy cameras.

still no update

Cheers together! Any news here?