Eufy flood Light Camera Will Not Recognize 2.4 WIFI Signal From Xfinity Router.

I purchased two Eufy floodight cameras and I am having trouble getting them set up on my Xfinity router.
When I go thru the set up procedure, the camera does not see a wifi singnal. I have a laptop and brothers printer that are currently using the 2.4 GHZ signal from the router.
I have apent several hours on the phone with Eufy Support. AFter going thru the set up procedure several times, Eufy support had me return the both units and sent me two new units. I just finished going thru the set up procedure with the new units and they both state " The wifi signal may be weak"
I am certain the router is set to 2.4Ghz and the camera is within 3 feet of the router. I don’t understand how my laptop computer and my printer can recongized the router wifi signal and the Eufy cameras can not…
Can anyone please advise me how to proceed? Or, suggest what might be wrong??? Bill

I don’t own but based purely on your words it looks like a WPA authentication issue, your router is not transmitting on a common protocol. Ensure router is WPA/WPA2 both of them. You may be only using WPA2.