Eufy Flexivac

On Eufy’s About Us page, it mentions FlexiVac. This line of products has yet to make an appearance in the market, but I was wondering if it was going to be similar to this Shopvac
or just a tiny handheld one like say this handheld one.

Personally, I would like to see something more like the Shopvac. I’d love to year your thoughts on what you’d prefer, and what you think it most likely is. Also, maybe @AnkerOfficial could update us on their progress with this lineup.

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i like you idea, but id rather see one of these

This is a mopper/ dryer for everyone with hard floors

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it is the hoover floormate if u r wondering, but the hoover floormate deluxe is the best for me

Henry 2.0

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Because there’s not much competition in the smaller Shopvac market, I wouldn’t mind seeing that, either.

Don’t know about what you said @mmengel770 haha