Eufy Entry Sensor HELP!

Just received this via Amazon. Anyone know how to open this thing up to install the battery? It’s shows to press and open but this is proving to be impossible. Even a screwdriver won’t prise this thing open. Surely it should’ve require a post in a forum to ask this question, otherwise either instructions need looking at, or the product requires modification.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport - any advice?

I hope this helps :grinning:

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Thanks but I cannot get it to open by simply pressing it as shown. It took a screwdriver and I’ve damaged the casing.

Was there a tool that came with it?! if not reach out to and they will probably replace the unit. They should have been more clear in the directions on the procedure of installing battery.

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Maybe a dime or something? I just used my fingernail and muscled it open.

Don’t press !! Just use a tiny bit of pressure and pull towards yourself. The more pressure you apply the more difficult it will open…

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it is a bit hard to get apart. I actually broke part of my finger nail off trying to get it off but eventually got it. I learned my lesson after that and took a very small flat head screw driver and pried the others open that way and it worked well.