Eufy Doorbell

Love what I see on the Web about tour doorbell product BUT cannot buy it with “internal storage” only. I read that you can manually download video clips to your phone SO just add an option, in settings, to TURN ON and TURN OFF the ability to also AUTOMATICALLY send the video clips directly to my phone, since you dont have a temp cloud option. Then I can, later, move the clips to my Dropbox cloud. This covers the problem of someone coming to my door a d smashing the doorbell, therefore NO video available because of internal storage only.
If you add this feature Text or Email me and I, a d my friends, will be instant customers!
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RTSP has been requested by many and anker says its being worked on. Hopefully it will become real someday.

I do suggest not posting your phone number or email address on the Internet like that. There are a lot of weirdos out there. :alien:


Agreed. @ndalby @TechnicallyWell someone should remove this

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Thanks for the heads up @TechMan and @The_Bearded_Tech_Guy

Not to mention spam bots :crazy_face:

Thanks for the head up @TechMan