Eufy Doorbell (wired) motion detection

I just purchased and installed a wired doorbell from Eufy.
looks great. works well when pushing the button.
BUT… motion detection on occurs if person is within 12’.
I’ve tried every setting and put it to the most sensitive settings… nothing

Please help!


Sorry to hear that! Please feel free to contact eufy support for assistance!

Was Eufy able to resolve your issues? I’m having the same, live chat wasn’t much help…

I learned that the motion range is 10-12’ only by design
It’s supposed to be for close range.
I purchased a 2C camera pack to pick up the slack

I can’t even get it to trigger in that range! lol… Mine does not trigger 95% of the time right now. Been fiddling with it for 2 days. I’d like to get to at least recognize where it’s supposed to, I’d be happy with that!

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Interesting, Im having the same issue. The trigger and recording seem very random. Even at close range. Slopes: What are your light conditions? Is there direct light into the sensor perhaps?

Mine seems to work perfectly for half a day(for example) then completely nothing sometimes.
I cant seem to find a reason why? Eufy support were initially supportive but have ran out of ideas it seems.
I have recently installed an additional camera above the doorbell and noticed random IR on and offs from the doorbell, usually with in 4 hours of night time IR activation. All of this does not explain detection problems in the day though.