Eufy Doorbell Wired 2K poor motion detection

I have a 2k Wired Doorbell and can’t for the life of me get the motion detection settings to be useful.

I’m trying to use the most fine grained motion detection setting at the “Human only” end of the scale. I’ve tried using the first 3 and I just constantly get false positives. I get humans detected with a thumbnail of a car wheel or some bricks on the house opposite me. What on earth do they train the detection on?

My house faces a fairly close pavement and road where people walk so I only want to get people who are walking towards my door. At the moment that just doesn’t work.

Anyone had similar problems?


The motion detection picks up motion best when its going across the field of view for the sensor. So right to left and vice versa, yes it works when coming direct at the sensor but in a much limited range. You can try and set up a zone for the sensor to focus in and see if that helps

Thanks Tank. I’ve already tried using the zones and try as much to get people in front of my door rather than off to the side.

However, as you can see below, there’s not a lot of dedicated path to focus on that wouldn’t then also capture the pavement and the road.

Does Eufy update their models and improve their detection over time because detecting car wheels and houses are people just really isn’t good enough :frowning:

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