Eufy doorbell wifi doesn't accept a password greater than 20 characters?

I like my backdoor Eufy doorbell so I purchased a 2nd one for the front door. I installed it today, but when trying to connect it to the wireless, it only accepts the first 20 characters of my password. It doesn’t take additional characters. I did not run in to this issue when installing the first one several months ago

I don’t want to change my password as it would be a pain to change all the other equipment in my house. When can I get a fix for this so that I can get my doorbell working? Thanks.



I have an open support ticket on this same issue. I installed six different Eufy cameras (including the doorbell) a month ago without issue using a WiFi password greater than 20 characters. Fast forward to yesterday and I tried to add a new camera and failed because it will not accept WiFi passwords larger than 20 characters.

I suspect it has something to do with latest app version: v1.6.2_437, released on December 24, 2019. Suggest avoiding this version until this gets sorted out.

The odd WiFi issue I originally had with the doorbell was it did not work with hidden SSID names. Not sure if that issue has been resolved since all the other cameras work fine with the SSID hidden.


Good to know it is not just something I am doing wrong. Hopefully Eufy will provide a fix quickly!

This is a problem. I’m installing my new Eufy doorbell and can’t connect to wifi because of the password field length restriction. When will this be fixed? Thanks.

Not sure if all routers have this feature, but, a temporary work around until this is resolved:

  1. Create a guest access point with a unique SSID, 20 character password and WPA2 encryption.
  2. Existing cameras, if any, can stay connected to the original SSID.
  3. All the cameras show up in the app even though they are using different WiFi SSID’s.
  4. Changing to another WiFi point is straight forward using the app.

As an aside, the guest access point I created does not have “Access Intranet” rights assigned and the new camera still functions normally. I may switch the other cameras (and all other smart devices) over to the guest access point once this is resolved since this appears to be a more secure setup.


Thanks @Eufy_Main, please post to this thread when you get a response to that ticket, I’m also having that problem…

Received a response from support this morning acknowledging this issue.

“…We appreciate your feedback and we did restrict 20 characters for the password. But our engineer will resolve this issue in our next app version within 1-2 weeks…”

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Fantastic, thank you!

Me, too, only initial setup! I had read limit of 31, but 20 is a bit much. Even recommended router passwords are 26. Glad to hear they will correct.

Any news on this? Waiting…