Eufy DoorBell V1: 2-way audio not working, causes video to stall


I just setup my Eufy doorbell V1 a few weeks ago, and everything is working great except for the 2 way audio. As soon as I start the audio connection by clicking on the microphone in the app, I can say something, but as soon as the other party responds, the video and audio connection stalls (as indicated by bandwidth indicator dropping to 0 kb/s).

Initially, I thought this was just a glitch, but weeks later (a firmware update has happened in the meanwhile) it sill happens. I can reliably reproduce it every time, as soon as the person at the doorbell says something, the connection stalls. If I only do monitoring without 2 way audio, everything works fine.

I really don’t want to return it, since I like it otherwise, so does anybody have any suggestions have to fix this?

If your wiring is correct and not causing any warning lights, you could try a fresh setup with the app to see if this resolves, outside of that I would recommend reaching out to with your issue and troubleshooting steps taken to resolve or replicate the behaviour so they can assist.

I tracked the problem down to insufficient voltage. Initially, I didn’t bypass my chime at the transformer since voltage diagnostics was okay. But now I added the bypass and it seems to work now.

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Glad to hear you have sorted it out :ok_hand: