Eufy Doorbell Troubleshooting Red light Around Button

I have a red light around my button does anyone know what that means? It does respond to any button push or trying to setup with Bluetooth. Also, how do you do a hard reset on the doorbell?

Hi @Chad_Curtis and welcome to the forums…I take it this is the wired version you are referring to?

A red light on the button normally indicates the voltage draw is too low for the doorbell.

Hey @Chad_Curtis

Please kindly note that the new eufy doorbell comes wired and it must have an existing wire with low voltage transformer for eufy Video Doorbell. Make sure the transformer for doorbell delivering 16-24V AC, 30VA of power.

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Why does the unit function if the information in regards to the voltage requirements is accurate? I installed my unit on 3/22/20 and the red circle led light is the color indicator. All of my research leads to this information. Could there be a glitch in the operating system? Please advise. Potentially, I will have to exchange my order.

My wired Eufy doorbell camera has been working fine but recently stopped working with a red light around the doorbell button. I checked the incoming voltage with a meter and it’s at 18VAC. Anything else to check???