Eufy Doorbell - show video when activated

Having trouble getting my doorbell to do what I want and am hoping someone knows if there is a setting for this. Here’s what I’m hoping for:
When the doorbell is activated by motion or person recognition I would like my Android device to automatically go to live camera view instead of just a notification.

So far I have:
Set the EufySecurity app to have permission to run on top of other apps;
Set the app settings to jump to live view when opening a notification

I can’t find any other related settings to do this. Do I have to have an Echo Show (would prefer not)?


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At this time it is not possible for the doorbell/eufy app to automatically open up to the event you have to open the app only through the notification on tv he event! I would suggest making a suggestion to eufy support they are extremely good with listening on what the users want and will do there best to implement these ideas if possible. I hope I was able to help but I’m sure it’s not the answer you are looking for… have a great day

Thanks for the reply, I’ll shoot that over to them!

This does work though if the Eufy Security app is open and someone rings the bell. It’s very quick! So maybe it is possible

Anything new with this? Cause I search a bell which can do this.