Eufy Doorbell sends signal to mechanical chime too long

All of a sudden, when I ring the Eufy wireless doorbell with my mechanical chime, it causes it to ding first, then makes the plunger vibrate back and forth for about two seconds (making a loud vibrating sound), then finally doing the song after doing just one short press with the doorbell. How can I tell it to send just one short signal, instead of this long one? It didn’t used to when I first installed it the other day.

Here is a video with audio demonstrating the issue:

I should note that if I select the mechanical chime again in the setup, it works just fine again. I just want to fix this once and for all instead of setting up the chime again every few days indefinitely.

Bump, still an issue. Anyone have any ideas?

Bump, anyone?

You may get response in the community intended for these products.

Posting there yet again…