Eufy Doorbell Recordings

So I purchased the Eufy Doorbell along with the Eufy Cam 2c (3 cameras). The cameras all seem to be recording fine I can see the in the events area. Though I don’t see any recorded events of anything my doorbell has captured. I get notifications that someone has walked by my door or has left a package by my door. I can click on the notifications that I get from my phone and see the video, but if I try to view the clips in the events section in the Eufy app. There isn’t any events logged in the events area of the app

I bought the Eufy battery doorbell that came with another Homebase. So I followed the same steps when I setup the cameras and now I have a second Homebase that the doorbell is on. Could that be the problem why I don’t see the events from my doorbell on the app? Should I not have two homebases being used and just sync the doorbell to the one my cameras are sync to?

Any help would be much appreciated.